What is UrbanGIS

UrbanGIS is a web-based software for the creation and sharing of interactive maps. With UrbanGIS, you can map data collected from various sources so that they are easily comprehensible and thoroughly explorable.

Through data visualization on maps, you may unlock access to valuable insights, whereas with map sharing among your team members, you will be able to manage operations more efficiently or engage third parties in your activities more flexibly.



Map creation

Take your location intelligence to the next level by shifting from static maps to interactive ones. When your data are presented in attention-grabbing, detailed maps, they instantly become more accessible and can be further explored to provide insights and useful conclusions. Zoom in to view enlightening details and choose a specific location you wish to scout. Shift between a variety of canvases to add specific context to your data and use different symbols and colors to accent each data category.

Team up

With ArcGIS, map creation and sharing can easily be a joint process within your organization, from the office to the field. Users get secure and authenticated access to data and maps, with their roles being determined and managed by the administrator. You may also collaborate on the same content with other organizations that use UrbaGIS.

Map distribution

You can choose how public your map can go. You can keep it only for private use, share it with a specific working team or distribute it throughout your whole organization. Certainly, you can put your stories and insights out there and engage the public by posting your maps on your website, social media pages and newsletters.

Data Entry

Insert your data in a variety of formats. Upload files such as spreadsheets and geospatial files for proper visualization. Receive real-time data from sensors and IoT platforms and upscale your operations management and decision-making. Bring in images, vector and raster data to provide easy access for all users.

Data Analysis

Data view on an interactive map instantly amplifies your analytics potential, until you find the information you need and reach safe conclusions in order to make solid choices for your organization. With location intelligence, you can spot connections and discrepancies in your data, find ideal sites and plot optimal routes, detect incidents for prompt intervention and future prevention and discern recurrent data behaviors for predictions and planning.