What is Symmetry

Symmetry is an up-to-date online system for calculating water balance, being the first step towards more efficient management of water supply networks. The calculation of the annual water balance is necessary for the assessment of non-revenue water and its factors, and Symmetry is an essential tool for achieving this goal.  


During the calculation
of water balance:

data accuracy and reliability are checked.

better knowledge of volume distribution and water supply is acquired.

the basis for calculating losses is formed.

problems are prioritized and a remedial strategy is drawn up.

tools are created for the benchmarking of a specific network and / or different networks.

With Symmetry, water organizations can view water supply statistics, enter network data, register water meters, and compare the aggregated volume of supplied water to the volume of billed water.

Non-revenue water

Non-revenue water (NRW) could be defined as the difference between the volume of water made available in the distribution system and the volume of water that has actually been billed. That is, water that has been produced and processed, is lost within the distribution network and never reaches its end point for several reasons. This lost volume of water that has never been used or billed results not only in financial losses for water organizations, but also in the loss of valuable cubic meters of the precious commodity.

Main reasons
for water loss:

Leakages can cause uncontrolled loss of valuable water resources. Pipe breakages usually occur due to poor network maintenance, corrosion and natural tear.

The poor maintenance of the water supply network can cause leakages and pipe breakages, whereas the lack of water meters installed means that the utilities cannot charge consumers for their actual water consumption.

Illegal water use takes many forms, such as unauthorized connections to the water network and meter trespassing. 

Symmetry Benefits

The Symmetry platform, making use of all data available, insights and conclusions drawn, resulting in the accurate calculation of the water balance, constitutes an up-to-date and largely efficient tool, not only for the companies responsible for water distribution, but also for consumers, offering:

safer measurements.

important insights on water management.

easier maintenance of the respective networks and potential damage prevention.

The combination of accurate data and continuous monitoring of water distribution, as provided by the platform, is the necessary means to the goal of any water service to reduce the rate of unpaid water and leaks, first and foremost for environmental, and then for economic reasons.