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At IANIC, we create complete online apps of viewing and managing spatial and descriptive data, which can support additional features according to each company’s needs.

With our long and wide experience, supported by a strong theoretical background, immense tech enthusiasm and a craftily assembled team of developers, we deliver fully functional and dependable applications, with a threefold objective: help companies leverage their resources to the fullest, ameliorate citizens’ quality of life and accelerate the progression to an eco-friendlier era.

SmartVille, the IoT and AI suite developed by IANIC, integrates all the smart devices, com- munication networks, functions and features of a Smart City into a unied platform with an open architecture, ensuring its connection to multiple vertical sectors, regardless of their connectivity technology.

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Secure and Reliable Software

All our applications are designed as complete, secure systems with controlled user access. The security of your data is our first concern. Our ability to grasp your requirements, analyze your needs, and develop the most efficient software based on specific techno-economic criteria is one of our most notable features.


We process and configure reliable data for proper use.  


We develop applications and tools for organization optimization.


We design secure environments for your data and software.  


We design secure environments for your data and your software.


We are at your disposal 24/7 for inquiries and clarifications.  


We deliver fully functional software within the desired time frame.