The App

What is
SmartVille app

SmartVille, the new smart mobile app, modernizes the services provided by water supply and sewage organizations to consumers, with smart functions, instant information and new automated procedures, and engages them actively and effectively in the optimization of the services. 

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Palpable Water Meter Control

A smart app with tremendous capabilities for its users.

Monitoring of multiple water meters from a single profile.

Digital notices and online bill payment.

Complete and visualized water consumption data.

Instant notifications about water leakages in private properties.

Prompt information about water outages in the network.

Problem reporting.

One Profile
Multiple Accounts

The app offers incredible flexibility to the user, as they can connect multiple water meters either from the same or different water services with a single profile, on condition that they fall under the same VAT Number.


Check and compare your daily and monthly water consumption at a glance and set consumption limits to be notified when you exceed them.


Be immediately notified about water leakages in your property, as well as unwanted water flow by setting your water meter as inactive when you are not at home.


Browse through a complete history of your payment notices and save time by concluding your payments easily, quickly and safely through SmartVille app.


Get prompt and thorough information about any planned or emergency water outages in your area, along with their estimated restoration time, and plan your daily chores without unpleasant surprises.


Upload a snapshot or instantly capture the damage, mark its point on the map, write a brief description and send all details straight to the water service for fastest restoration.


View a useful map with all the physical payment points in your area, without having to look them up on your phone or the internet.

An Essential Guide
for Up-to-date
Water Services

Reconnect with your customers and optimize your
services with SmartVille app.

Reduce the volume of complaints, calls and inquiries to the service with prompt customer notification.

Save time and financial resources with the gradual abolition of printed notices.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers through direct communication.

Ease the work of your administration and technical crews with customer problem reporting.

Save valuable cubic meters of water due to the immediate information about water leakages and the setting of consumption limits by the customers.