SmartVille AMR

What is SmartVille AMR

SmartVille AMR is a SmartVille Suite web application, fully integrated in the overall platform, which manages all smart water meters installed in the field, regardless of their quantity and construction. The application receives meter data through a dedicated API from any network server and different communication protocols (Drive-by / Walk-by, Wireless M-bus, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT). It also categorizes meters and alarms based on their characteristics, provides data visualization in graphs and maps and offers the capability to create trends and forecasting procedures at AI level.

Apps__Smartville AMR

Manage in less than a minute thousands of smart devices in the field and consumption data through BloatBelly, our Big Data infrastructure, and eventually, through the platform. 

Water Meter Insights

The software manages smart water meter data, indications, consumer data and all individual information, such as routes, changes in meters etc. In this way, the administrator can match consumers with meters and registration numbers, by connecting the software with the ERP of the service, and, generally, perform all necessary actions so that their database corresponds to the water supply data.

SmartVille AMR Capabilities

Graphic display of daily & total consumption data.

Data import & export, manual data entry and printing capability.

Geographic grid view with color display of malfunctions, alarms or abnormal values.

Immediate detection of internal alarms of smart meters.

Statistical analysis / comparison of consumption – alarms.

Single-meter information view.

Consumer information entry into the system manually or through API.

Route scheduling and area setting for the meters.

Special Advantages

Fully customizable API

The software provides a complete, fully customizable and extendable API for real-time interaction with third-party applications. Apart from the service’s ERP, water meter data can be shown in the Water Balance software and/or in the service’s SCADA (via MQTT, OPC, etc.).


The platform provides different user access and levels with the corresponding security. The system supports username and password use, as well as connection with Single Sign-On using OpenID Protocol.

Benefits for the Organizations

Flexible scheduling and better orchestrated operations.

Reliable decision making.

Solid future action planning.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Effective technical crew management and increased productivity.

Reduced cost of water services operations.

Water resources saving due to the more rational function of the network.