AMI and AMR Meters comprise a Smart Water Management System.

In order to build a truly smart contribution network, you need the correct data timely for more efficient decision-making and for an impeccable smart water system.

Smart water delivery does not mean just metering the flow from storage to consumption, nor just installing remote meter readers. Smart water entails binding the entire water cycle, from the source to processing, distribution, to consumption and remediation. Dependable data with continuous flow is the core of smart water management.

Our smart water system includes smart water meters, sophisticated sensors, communication networks, and the SmartVille, allowing you to go beyond AMI and optimize your return on intelligence by reducing costs, increasing asset utilization, reducing risk, increasing income, and improving customer experience.

Meter readers deal with a wide range of data on a daily basis, and manually inputting that data might lead to inaccuracies. Ensuring your data is reliable, timely and rightly processed is critical for increasing profit and rendering your customers happy.

SmartVille collects, analyzes and presents smart devices and data through graphs, maps and tables, for better understanding of the water network.


Data-driven water flow


Less emissions, more power


Centrally controlled lighting grid

Waste Management

Optimized collection services for cleaner cities


Less air, noise and water pollution


Faster, safer, cleaner getting around