Our roads and pathways are lit so that we can move safely with good visual comfort. However, when nobody is present, energy is wasted meaninglessly. A new way of lighting solves this paradox: IANIC Lighting System

Switching on specific lamps around a user creates such a light bubble. Depending on whether it is a pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle, several parameters are adapted: lighting power, lighting area, symmetry etc.Moreover, this bubble moves along with the user so that he will not notice that light varies out of his field of view.

This effect is made possible by placing onto each luminary a Smartnodes device. Each one is equipped with sensors, communication means and a micro-computer. Through their continuous communication, they can determine if a user is present and its characteristics. These nodes can then coordinate themselves to implement the light smart system.


Data-driven water flow


Less emissions, more power


Centrally controlled lighting grid

Waste Management

Optimized collection services for cleaner cities


Less air, noise and water pollution


Faster, safer, cleaner getting around