Safe Water Plan

What is
Safe Water Plan

Safe Water Plan is an online information system for the continuous monitoring and control of the quality of drinking water in its distribution chain. It has a user-friendly interface, providing the ability to supervise and control the entire process of water production, treatment and distribution to the cοnsumer, and ensuring the provision of safe drinking water in accordance with the European Directives.

Apps__Safe Water Plan

Key Components

  • Identification of corrective actions
  • Identification of emergency actions (natural disasters, health emergencies)

Account of activities (staff training, maintenance program, adequacy of archiving, specifications – quality materials) 

Documentation material for the review of plan adequacy

  • Plan efficiency assessment
  • Review of control measures, microbiological and chemical tests
  • Water Sources – Maps – Geological identification
  • Treatment – Disinfection Systems
  • Distribution system (tanks, pumping Stations, network)
  • Risk Identification (biological, chemical, physical, radioactive)
  • Identification of dangerous events
  • Dangerous incidents assessment
  • Identification of procedures to minimize the occurrence of risks
  • Documentation of actions for risk reduction
  • Definition of monitoring parameters
  • Setting of functional limits
  • Preparation of a monitoring plan

Main Features

Simple and easy to use interface.

Modular and easily scalable system.

Alert mechanism in case of exceedances.

Powerful report generation mechanism.

Innovative operation in the Cloud.

Full accordance with the European Directives.

Holistic approach to water quality assurance.

Better understanding of the system and the risks.

Simple process of issuing / updating security plans.