Installation of SmartVille Suite Information System in the Municipality of Spata - Artemis

Within the framework of the project entitled “Supply & Installation of a Water Control System in the Existing Water Supply & Distribution THE EXISTING WATER SUPPLY AND DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF SPATON – ARTEMIS”, our company supplied, installed, and configured the SmartVille AMR application, with which the Municipality of Spata – Artemis manages more than 10,000 water meters, carries out automated billing through the interconnection of meters, checks the history of meter consumption and issues digital invoices to the Municipality of Spata – Artemis accounts.

By interfacing the SmartVille AMR with the My SmartVille citizen app, the Municipality automatically notifies consumers of bill issuance, water supply outages, etc. Also, through the My SmartVille App, the citizen of the Municipality can pay his bill online, as well as digital damage report and update the progress of its restoration, resulting in a 30% reduction in the restoration time by the Municipality, since the report is made in real-time, and the information system of the Municipality is automatically updated.

Using the Balloon Read application, the Municipality digitally records the readings of the water meters, and in real-time the readings are sent to SmartVille AMR, saving the Municipality valuable time.

Alongside the above contract, our company developed and configured the Cyber Protect and Cyber Backup web platforms and migration of the overall data of the servers of the water supply telemetry of the Municipality, resulting in the uninterrupted collection and transfer of data, the storage, and daily backup of the data of the Municipality, the smooth operation, and adaptation of the alarm application to real conditions so that the competent Technical Department of the Municipality are constantly aware of the situation for the proper operation of the water supply network or the occurrence of extraordinary events or malfunctions so that their immediate resolution is possible.