Installation of SmartVille Suite Information System in the Municipality of Megara

In the project entitled “INTEGRATION OF A TELEMETRIC SYSTEM IN THE WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM OF MEGARA, FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF WATER MANAGEMENT AND THE REDUCTION OF WASTES, WITH METERING AND CHARGING APPLICATION AT THE AREA AND CONSUMER LEVEL”, our company supplied, installed, and configured SmartVille Suite, a web-based application suite, which manages all the daily operations of the water supply organization. We started with the installation of SmartVille AMR, with which the Municipality manages 5100 digital water meters throughout the municipality. SmartVille AMR manages smart water meter data such as readings, alarms, consumer descriptors, and their financial data, trips, meter changes, etc.

Also, the SmartVille App was used to connect the citizens /water consumers with the Municipality. With immediate notifications of leaks at consumers’ properties, the municipality saved valuable cubic meters of water, and the citizens also benefited fully by avoiding unwanted charges.

With the use of Array application, the Municipality of Megara monitors all the required and carried out maintenance and restoration interventions of the water supply/sewerage networks, as well as the monitoring of the Municipality’s crews and machinery.