Digitalization of Kos water supply networks, infrastructure and services.

Kos Water Supply & Sewerage Company is the first water authority in Greece to fully digitalize its services, infrastructure and water networks through SmartVille.

Smart water meter installation

In order to better organize the process of changing or installing new water meters in the field, we developed Balloon Works. Through this Android application, the crews massively replaced about 12,000 mechanical water meters with smart ones, a number that covers all water supply in the city of Kos.

Data collection, storage, processing & management

Regarding data collection, 2 different systems are applied: The first one is the fixed network with 32 concentrators which collect data 2 times / day.

In the second drive-by / walk-by system, a portable device reads water meters which are not communicated with a collector, and through the Balloon Read application, meters data are collected.

The millions of data enter the Big Data infrastructure we have developed, called BloatBelly, where they are stored, processed and analyzed.

Afterwards, all information is presented in SmartVille AMR main dashboard, which combines measurements, as well as financial and technical data from smart water meters, creating trends and generating forecasting processes at an AI level.

Network damage management & maintenance

With Array, Kos Water Supply and Sewerage Company records all damages in the water supply network on a map. Through the administration platform, the process of their restoration is organized, while through the mobile application, the crews are informed about their tasks and, in turn, they  inform the operations center about their progress.

Going back to SmartVille AMR, the data of each water meter are presented in a separate dashboard, with the meter information, its location on the map, the history of measurements and errors, as well as the financial data of the consumer.

Consumers' app

The same data is now available to the consumer through SmartVille App. With the new iOS and Android application, which is available free of charge, consumers have full control of their water meters and, specifically, they can view their daily and monthly water consumption, be notified for water supply problems and possible water leakages in their property, report water supply issues with photo and location on map, pay their bills electronically and have access to a complete history of their payment notices.

Bill notices are generated by Atrium 2.0, IANIC’s ERP & Computerization software. Conversely, electronic payments from the SmartVille App instantly update the consumer’s tab in the software.

Another application we have developed is the SCADA web interface, in order to control and adjust at the same time all metering data from the water infrastructure, such as supply, pressure and level, as well as water quality characteristics, such as chlorine, conductivity and pH.


Perhaps the most significant service we provided to the whole project is the scanning of the water supply network with geo-radar and its topographic mapping with GPS receivers. Next, we digitally mapped the network on WaterPillar, IANIC’s WebGIS software, implementing the hydraulic simulation of Kos network, plus creating isolation and pressure management zones. WaterPillar enables water utilities to organize network extensions and maintenance, making optimal decisions.

Annual water balance assessment

All that technical and economical data are compared through the Symmetry software, forming on a daily or monthly basis the water balance of the island of Kos. As we all know, the ultimate goal of any water service is to reduce the rate of non-revenue water and button leakages, obviously for environmental and economic reasons, but also in order to reduce drinking water pumping. Therefore, during the first year of the implementation of the project, Kos Water Services managed to reduce the percentage of leakages by 10%, and most importantly, they adopted digital processes that have allowed both the services and the residents of the island to realize in practice that water services are changing and improving.