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We aim at depicting every piece of information relevant to location and description so as to support and leverage your daily business operations and decision-making. Through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) you can now work in a smart fashion and save time and money.


Our solutions offer a wide variety of capabilities concerning location analysis to your business practices. We map and manage your data through a wide range of custom-developed applications. Share information with each other in your company through thematic maps, reports and tables.

The most significant aspect in the construction of a GIS system is the accurate mapping of primary data obtained in the field. The integration of spatial and descriptive data is critical for a better understanding and insights. The development of relational database management systems allows for proper connection between diverse types of data (RDBMS).

The processed maps assist you in better understanding the spatial information in your data and making the best decision possible. For example, through digitization in a G.I.S environment, knowledge of the network’s structure and location is a real problem-solver in planning prospective new network expansions. Furthermore, knowing how dangerous various pipes can be depending on their traits and characteristics can help members of the company responsible for them maintain them properly.

Measurements gathered from installed sensors/devices in a city’s network are now displayed in real time on your maps. The outcome of this procedure is a reduction in reaction time by improving network security and enhancing employee awareness of the company’s assets. For example, a live transmission of pressure measurements in a specific area of a city can now be physically shown on a themed map that has already been prepared.

Field data collection, storage, and sharing has never been easier or more secure. Through smart devices and mobile GIS software, your technical staff can now quickly digitally describe any change what has already been implemented on the field. Integrate information and geo-activate all your network’s data.

You can carry your maps with you wherever you are because you can now find network plans online in order to monitor some information while you are on the field, on standby duty or even at home. The online network depiction helps to create a more direct interaction between the General urban plan users and reality. Discover WaterPillar, IANIC’s Powerful WebGIS Software.