As part of the implementation of innovative digital solutions for smart cities, IANIC, Member of Olympios Group of Companies, is carrying out a green mobility project in the Municipality of Spata-Artemida, by installing a smart controlled parking system.

The system, which will be made immediately available to the public, will inform drivers in real-time through SmartVille app, the smart mobile application for the citizens, about the free parking spaces, guiding them to these spots.

The primary goal of the project is to decongest the center of Spata and reduce the environmental footprint caused by unnecessary driver traffic in search of parking spaces.

Through the already installed LoRaWAN network, data is automatically received from the 62 IoT parking sensors that have been deployed, covering 100% of the parking spaces on Vas. Pavlou Street in the center of Spata.

At the same time, the network provides the capability to gather data from a larger number of sensors and meters of various types (water supply, air quality, waste bin fill levels, etc.).

It’s worth noting that three of the smart parking spaces on the aforementioned street are designated for the parking of vehicles for people with disabilities. Sensors have also been placed at six points in front of pedestrian curb ramps, promptly informing system administrators of any illegal parking that obstructs free passage through them.

Additionally, the green solution for electric vehicles is enhanced by installing two ABB Terra AC Wallbox electric vehicle chargers. The chargers have been respectively placed on Vas. Pavlou Street in the center of Spata and on the coastal road Themistokleous in the Municipal Community of Artemida.

Over the past year, following a pilot implementation of IoT initiatives by IANIC in the Municipality of Spata-Artemida, data has been collected on parking patterns in the city. Additionally, data is gathered from the smart air quality sensor installed in the same area and from smart waste collection bins. As a result, the Municipality has access to valuable information that translates into strategic decisions for the green development of the city, the improvement of citizens’ quality of life the and the protection of the environment.