IANIC, member of Olympios Group of Companies,  has successfully implemented the innovative SmartVille platform in the Municipality of Paphos, revolutionizing the management of 27,000 digital water meters through the cutting-edge LoraWAN network.

This pioneering project not only signifies IANIC’s debut on the international stage but also represents our most ambitious endeavor to date in terms of sensor deployment, meter installations, and LoraWAN concentrator integration. By leveraging the power of the LoraWAN telecommunications network, SmartVille empowers the Municipality of Paphos to efficiently oversee and regulate the extensive network of digital water meters spread throughout the entire municipality.

The functionality of SmartVille is truly remarkable. It continuously gathers readings from each individual water meter, collecting data a staggering six times a day. These intricate readings are then meticulously analyzed, intelligently stored within IANIC’s state-of-the-art big data infrastructure, and seamlessly presented through an intuitive interface on SmartVille dashboards. This comprehensive visualization enables authorities and stakeholders to gain valuable insights into water consumption patterns, identify potential anomalies or irregularities, and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and address any issues promptly.

Central Control Station in Paphos

Moreover, IANIC went above and beyond by developing the citizen centered SmartVille App exclusively for water consumers in the Municipality of Paphos. This cutting-edge application provides citizens with unparalleled convenience and transparency, as they can effortlessly monitor their daily water usage, gaining real-time access to consumption data and personalized insights. Furthermore, the app incorporates advanced alert systems, promptly notifying users of any alarms or malfunctions detected in their water meters, ensuring efficient problem resolution and customer satisfaction.

Our unwavering dedication to the vision of creating smarter, greener and more welcoming cities shines through in this groundbreaking project. By successfully implementing SmartVille, IANIC has not only revolutionized water meter management but has also made a significant contribution to the preservation and sustainable use of our most precious natural resource that is water.