On Friday, 29/04/2021, Mr. Angelos Dragkolas, CEO of IANIC S.A., attended OPEN TV’s morning news show on the occasion of the company’s award at the Boussias IoT Awards 2022 for the implementation of a “Smart Cities” project and, specifically, the digital management of the water supply network on the island of Kos.

In particular, IANIC S.A. received a Golden Award at the IoT Awards 2022 for the project of digitalizing all water supply networks of the island of Kos, as well as the services of Kos Municipal Water Supply & Sewerage Company through SmartVille. SmartVille, the Unified  Web Orchestration Platform developed by IANIC S.A., combines data from smart meters and sensors from various areas of a smart city such as smart parking, smart waste management, smart water meters, etc., with the aim of improving the citizens’ quality of life.

Mr. Dragkolas, after quoting a brief and concise definition of the Internet of Things, clarified the role of SmartVille as the Digital Brain of a Smart City, under whose umbrella the management of all smart devices and applications located in the field is now integrated.

Afterwards, Mr. Dragkolas referred to Kos as the 1st island in Greece that digitalized all water supply infrastructure. Through SmartVille, Kos Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company manages 12,000 digital water meters, installed in home facilities, as well as hotels and industrial units, monitors the water supply infrastructure on the island via telemetry, and invoices and informs consumers electronically.

The success of the project is already reflected in the first phase of its implementation, as leakages in the water supply network and the volume of non-revenue water were reduced by 30%, saving valuable water resources and reducing the need for drinking water pumping, especially in a place with water shortage, such as the island of Kos.