On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, BOUSSIAS Manufacturing organized with absolute success the 7th Water Conference. The digital conference analyzed the challenges that water and sewerage companies will face in the coming years and shared, through its notable speakers, innovative solutions, modern technologies and good practices for effective water resources management. Moreover, business opportunities for the development of the relevant water industry and water technologies emerged.

The conference brought together executives from the Water and Sewerage Companies, the water industry and the academia, as well as suppliers of related equipment and services solutions, who shared strategies, insights and best practices, aiming through their interaction to become better at addressing water challenges sustainably.

Among international speakers and experts in the field of water resources management, IANIC S.A. CEO, Mr. Angelos Dragkolas, presented the project of Kos Water and Sewerage Company, entitled “A data-driven water story: from the source to the citizen”. The 1st stage of the project was gradually implemented and completed in 2021, bringing a new digital era both in the management of water resources and networks on the island of Kos and in the communication of the company with its customers.

Water Conference attendees had the opportunity to learn about IANIC’s goals and projects, as well as the successful water resources management practices it implements, while being informed about new available tools, products and services of the company that can support and increase their project efficiency. We also had the opportunity to discuss common challenges and exchange useful views, at a time when the digital transformation of water companies is now the only way for their development.