Water/Sewerage-Data driven water flow

Water supply and sewerage businesses that are trustworthy maintain a well-structured database on a regular basis. Geographic information systems (GIS) no longer have to be just a tool for a single function, such as identifying pipelines and facilities.

Taking a step forward, we have developed a comprehensive platform for analyzing and optimizing water functions in four levels:

using location as a common parameter to incorporate data from sensors, indicators/gauges, technicians, and even pipes

securely saving data in a WEB-GIS system

sharing interactive maps with your personnel

forwarding all of the information to devices used by crews on the field.

When you can see the precise location of your pipelines on a map, then network monitoring, maintenance and repairing is made much easier. At the same time, you can better plan your future moves towards sustainability.

Technicians on the field can now register the features of every network component using our technologically advanced management information systems through their mobile phones. They can also automate quality control by creating and sending reports back to the office.

Data can then be synchronized from the office so that it is in turn available on the field, allowing you to have coherent and quantitative access to reliable information no matter where you are.

Inform your customers about water interruptions due to infrastructure damages or network maintenance through interactive maps and integrated applications, while providing water quality advice. Interaction and customer satisfaction is enhanced with their being able to submit their own requests.


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