Electricity-Digitally revamped power supply

In the ever-changing global market, electric utilities must stay up-to-date in order to prosper. If you generate, transfer, distribute, or consume electricity, you should be able to monitor its origins, its destination and the conditions in between at any time, and this is where geography plays its important part.

Through location-data collection and dynamic
maps, you will be able to:

Integrated Web Interface

IoT control for multiple options of device connectivity

Advanced security Cloud hosting

Fully customizable technology

Easy IoT infrastructure adoption

Multiple levels of access security (RBAC)

All data collected by the system are processed, analyzed and translated into possible events using mathematical algorithms and statistical data of previous conditions.

‘BloatBelly’, our Big Data Infrastructure, performs a quality check of the values received by the system to ensure correctness and remove or flag any extreme values.

The system supports username and password use, as well as connection with Single Sign-On enabled through all sub-modules of the platform using OpenID Protocol or similar.