Wireless data transmission network, two-way communication, for receiving values from various devices (parking sensors, meters, temperature, etc.). 

  • Free transmission frequency 868Mhz. Encrypted transmission.
  • Complete download of POS data (alarms, recorders, etc.)
  • Greater transmission range 300-1500 meters at line of sight, usually up to 200 meters the meter is located inside the shaft with cast iron cover (semi-circular environment)
  • Two-way communication
  • By receiving data from any device that sends to a Sigfox network, the network can also meet other needs of the municipality, e.g. parking sensors, smart lighting, air quality, trash cans, etc.
  • The setup of the network is handled by Sigfox.
  • Installation of transponders is not supported. If a meter is not covered by the network, an antenna must be installed near it, otherwise we will not be able to measure it remotely.
  • Higher costs for network usage. The network is closed, not everyone can install a hub. Must be licensed by Sigfox.
  • There is no possibility to choose an alternative provider or to change the provider.

Wireless M-Bus


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