Advanced Walk-by/Drive-
by Radio System for Data Collection

868 MHz free frequency RF is a battery-powered end-point radio communication technology that is optimized and license-free. It’s a sophisticated system for receiving data from meter endpoints, processing and analyzing it, and generating data for invoicing and network management.

It paves the door for endpoints to transition from mobile reading in walk-by/drive-by systems to permanent infrastructure for remote reading without requiring any changes to the endpoints themselves. You may expand radio coverage to thousands of endpoints with our repeaters and gateways.

868 MHz radiofrequency offers two communication modes. It delivers essential information fast and reliably, using a uni-directional, Bubble UP (BUP) data packet, which delivers meter reading and alarm information. Or upon request, we can provide extended data sets with the bi-directional mode. Using bi-directional communication, it is possible to retrieve selected data including a full data logger history. This capability enables remote configuration of alarm levels, alarm resets and other settings.

Using our software tools, you can set up devices for installation and reading, and you configure endpoints. Our software lets you integrate tools into existing systems. You can import and export data from endpoints, and you can read single addresses or broadcasts from the network. The data you collect can be used for analyzing and managing your network and for billing your customers.

Advanced Walk-by/Drive-by Radio System for Data Collection

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