Communication Networks

Make your infrastructure smart

Communication networks are an important component of making your infrastructure smart at all levels. Therefore, we provide a variety of communication technologies in our solutions to ensure connectivity.

Whether your chosen solution(s) transmits data via drive-by technologies or long-haul wireless networks, you will be properly equipped to deliver timely, accurate and actionable information from anywhere on your network, wherever and whenever you need it.

We aim to serve our customers as fully as possible with efficient, cost-effective network design, this is why we support different communication technologies.

Data Retrieval

Open frequency of 868 MHz RF is a rechargeable endpoint-optimized, public radio transmission technology. It is a sophisticated platform for data retrieval from meter terminals, gathering and analyzing it, and producing pricing and network management information.

It allows the shift from portable monitoring in walk-by/drive-by technologies to fixed infrastructure for distant monitoring of terminals without necessitating terminals to be altered. You may enhance signal strength to thousands of terminals using our transmitters and connectors.

There are two kinds of transmission available on the 868 MHz radio frequency. Valuable data is communicated rapidly and reliably via a one-way Bubble UP (BUP) data stream that provides meter measurements and alert information. With the bidirectional option, we can even give expanded data sets if needed. It can obtain specified information, along with the entire data logger history, using bidirectional connection. This option enables alarm levels, alarm resets, and other parameters to be configured remotely.

Using our software tools, you can set up devices for installation and reading, and you configure endpoints. Our software lets you integrate tools into existing systems. You can import and export data from end points, and you can read single addresses or broadcasts from the network. The data you collect can be used for analyzing and managing your network and for billing your customers.

Walk-by / Drive-by (Receiving data by moving vehicle or on foot)

The data is downloaded with a handheld device within a certain range from the installation point of the water meter or urban environment (maximum 50 km / h).

Fixed Network (Receiving data
via fixed communication networks)

In the case of a fixed network, the data is received through a fixed infrastructure which consists of signal transponders and collectors, and the data transfer is done automatically, without the physical human presence near the installation points.

Wireless M-Bus


Narrow Band – IoT Network