Balloon Works

What is Balloon Works

Balloon Works is an innovative Web and Android application that revolutionizes the mass replacement of water meters. Upon custom configuration to suit the needs of every Water Service, Balloon Works optimizes the orchestration, assignment and accomplishment of tasks, through a proper and well-documented process.


Balloon Works comprises 2 applications

Web application for administrators

Project Planning & Monitoring

Upload to the software the list of all water meters to be replaced along with the new ones, with information such as consumer code, water meter number, address, coordinates and last measurement. Form route lists, that is, grouped locations where the water meters are installed for easier project management. Create users in order to assign specific tasks and receive reports concerning the progress of their work.


With Balloon Read, users can:

Optimize the management of your project. 

Easily monitor day-to-day tasks. 

Upon meter replacement, download all data to csv/xlsx file or directly to SmartVille AMR for smart water meter management. 

Reduce by half the total time of water meter replacement. 

Make the most of your human resources. 

Gain useful insights for future action planning. 

Mobile application for crews

Task Fulfillment & Reporting

With Balloon Works Android application, technical crews have on their mobile devices all necessary information for proper task accomplishment. Technicians have access to the fully detailed list of water meters they need to replace, while they can easily send reports concerning the status of their work.