Atrium 2.0

What is Atrium 2.0

Atrium 2.0 is an innovative web ERP & Billing application which runs in parallel with SmartVille Suite, adding value to the overall financial management of water & sewage organizations. 

It operates online, with easy-to-use menus and cloud database storage, so as to provide both security and availability from any device and anywhere via the internet.

The overall management of the metering - billing - payment systems is changing. The same should be done with the management applications of these functions.

Atrium 2.0 benefits the optimal operation of the overall system, without interventions and delays, with the development of Web Services & APIs for communication with third-party applications already used by the organizations.

Atrium 2.0 Modules

The Water Supply module covers the commercial part of water supply operators. That is where the natural persons are registered and associated with their water supply route codes. The module contains the consumer tab with all their information, while from this point, the measurements from Balloon Read are entered and the bills are issued. It comprises a series of listings related with income statements, recalls, funds, settlements and inventory balances.

This module is related with the attested documents, such as invoices, credit invoices and receipts. It also comprises charges such as the work entailed for water meter connections, water disposal for irrigation and fines. In this module, new customers are registered, who are related to building and supply codes. These codes should not be confused with the codes created in the Water Supply module. The connection between the two modules is made through the contractor. That is, a contractor can be associated with one or more route codes from the Water Supply module and, at the same time, with one or more customer or building codes in the New Connections module. The connecting link is the ID of the contractor.

From the Accounting part, we get most of the printouts, whereas in the Financial Management, the main volume of entries is made for the Accounting and the Budget. In addition, there are programs related to the issuance and dispatch of the List of Customers, Suppliers and Transactions, the automatic entry of PPC invoices, the dispatch of data to the IAPR, and the registration of contracts. There is still a large part of the configurations performed by this module. Finally, the automatic issuance of accounting documents created through the bridges between the modules is very important.

Employee registration with all salary data for payroll issue, plus annual leave files. Statements can be exported in XML format to be sent to external bodies. Connection with the Accounting sub-module for automatic updating of accounting entries. 

It comprises the basic functions of registering documents that move to and from water organizations, supporting incoming, outgoing and internal documents. Module-related configurations are available, as well as printouts, such as the protocol book and other registered documents. 

Atrium 2.0 Features

Full digitization of all documents (contracts, settlements, applications). 

Web services & APIs with SmartVille app.

Web services & APIs with SmartVille Suite.

Text messaging & E-mailing from all submodules concerning debts, outages, billing etc. 

Notifications to the debtor, to the owner or both. 

Flexible system for creating settlements with parameterization of instalments, minimum payment amount, etc.

Mass cancellation of non-performing settlements. 

Complete system of data transmission to state financial services.