What is Array 

Array is a specialized Web and Android application for optimal network damage and maintenance management. It allows you to organize, monitor and optimize the work of the technical crews and maximize the efficiency of your assets. Moreover, through its main dashboard, the administrators of the technical and financial department can view aggregate data of damages, materials and costs per damage, as Array is automatically connected to the warehouse of the service.


Mapping of all assets.

Listing of all equipment and vehicles.

Organized entry of citizens’ requests & the technical department work.

Prioritizing of department tasks & monitoring of their progress.

Monitoring of contractors’ cost and performance.

Damage Management

The daily entry of damages, as well as the updating of their descriptive data is an important parameter in daily decision-making concerning network maintenance.


  • citizens
  • crews
  • contractors

Entries comprise descriptive and location information, as well as clarifications for the technical crews.

All incidents are fully editable upon creation and available in list and map view. They are also categorized and color-flagged accordingly.

The administrator assigns tasks to technical crews and contractors. At the same time, the operations center is informed about all the tasks that are completed.

Easy monitoring of task status (new, pending, complete, urgent) and maintenance cost.

Asset Management

Register every little bit of your network facilities and your assets, such as vehicles, machinery and tools, so as to know any time when, where and by whom they are used, along with their condition. What is more, with Array you can comprehensively monitor your fleet (registry, routes, maintenance, cost).

Preventive Maintenance

Take the necessary precautions to reduce your maintenance costs, increase your asset and network performance and lifespan and provide safer working conditions.

  1. Register all tasks concerning network maintenance (pipes, machinery, valves, meters).
  2. Set the date of maintenance and assign it to the corresponding crew.
  3. Receive notifications with the date, type and status of maintenance.

Array Mobile Application
for Technical Crews

Organize task assignment to your crews instantly and be directly informed by technicians concerning task completion.

When entering a new incident, there is a simultaneous update on the Array Mobile Application which the technicians manage through their mobile devices.

Through log-in with their unique code, each crew has access to the damages there are responsible to restore, which are color flagged according to their status (crucial, in progress, pending).

The registered incidents are depicted on a map, so that the crew has a geographical view regarding the location of the tasks they have been assigned.


Task Assignment 

The crew gets instant notifications on their tablet when they are assigned a task. 

Damage Capture

The technician instantly captures the damage and provides relevant descriptive information.

Info Access

Crews have access to information relevant with the location and type of damage, machinery, meter etc., such as manuals and maps.


Technicians send instant reports concerning the status of the damage restoration, that is, whether it’s been completed or pending due to certain hindrances.

Live monitoring

The operations center gets informed and monitors directly the progress of the tasks.